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MBCS Team Takes 1st Place at MATHCOUNTS Regional Competition against schools such as York, Santa Catalina, Stevenson, PGMS, Carmel Academy.  Team goes on to the State Competition at Stanford!
Plant for Change Fundraiser
Click Here for information on the 2014-15 program.
Planting day is Saturday, March 7th
10am-Noon: Planting
Noon-2pm: BBQ Party


A Waldorf-Inspired Curriculum 

Kindergarten to 8th Grade


Monterey Bay Charter School uses an educational method that nurtures and inspires creativity, critical thinking, and motivated learning. Committed to educating the whole  child, the school endeavors to foster the unfolding of each child’s full potential.

Using Waldorf-inspired methods integrated with State standards, with emphasis on a solid academic foundation, artistic expression, and social/emotional development.

A holistic, arts-integrated approach to learning emphasizes the child’s relationship to the natural world thereby promoting respect for the environment and humankind. The goal is to nurture the whole child with the objective of enabling students to become self-motivated, competent life-long learners.

Tuition-free, public education serving Monterey County since 1998.  The school is growing! In 2015-16 there will be three Kindergartens, two classes per grade from 1st-4th and a total of 362 students!

MBCS is a member of the Alliance for Public Waldorf Education. There are currently over 60 public Waldorf schools in the United States and a growing number of charters are approved and written every day. MBCS also belongs to the California Charter School Association and the Charter Schools Development Center and is one of over 1,000 public charter schools in California.

Photo credit throughout this web site: Phoenix Redstone Photography and Dani Roth Photography

Dr. Radut